The first human cryopreservation in China (The first in Asia)

News: The core equipment of Yinfeng Life Extension Program was unveiled at the ASEAN Expo

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2022-09-28 13:43


The 19th China-ASEAN Advanced Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "ASEAN Expo") was held by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and organized by China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center of the Science and Technology Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region from September 16 to 19, 2022. It was officially opened at Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, and Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Biological Sciences) Low Temperature Medical Center showed up together with many powerful products and became the focus of the exhibition. 


      As the key recommendation unit of the Organizing Committee of the 19th China-ASEAN Expo, the Cryomedicine Center of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, with the procedure cooling instrument and cryotherapy instrument, was displayed in the advanced technology exhibition hall of the ASEAN Expo for the first time, which attracted leaders at all levels and domestic and foreign exhibitors to visit the booth for guidance. At the same time, it has attracted many media attentions and reports, becoming one of the focal points of the Advanced Technology Exhibition Hall, with a warm atmosphere on the scene. 


The program temperature-lowering equipment exhibited by the Center for Cryogenic Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences has attracted many audiences to stop and understand. The equipment is a high-precision, large-span human body low-temperature preservation program cooling equipment independently developed by Yinfeng. It utilizes jet eddy current pressure and is equipped with more than ten solenoid valves and temperature sensors. The computer program is precisely controlled to ensure the rapid and balanced cooling of the sample. It is the only equipment in the world that can continuously cool the body to below -190°C in a uniform and continuous manner, avoiding damage to the body during the cooling process, and is applicable to the effective cooling of multi-scale cells, tissues, organs and even human body sensitive to temperature change. This device was exported to the Australian Human Refrigeration Facility in September 2021. 


The research project of human cryopreservation and resuscitation is the most advanced, core and most complex life science research project in Yinfeng Life Extension Program. Through joint research in cross-disciplines such as cryobiology, hypothermia medicine, thermophysics and clinical medicine, the program provides cryopreservation for the whole human body after the clinical death of volunteers, slows or even suspends the metabolism of the surviving cells, tissues and organs of the human body, and blocks the process of functional failure and biological death. Protects the integrity of cellular structures and the functionality of biochemical pathways, expecting to realize the physiological and biochemical functions of human tissues and organs to be suspended and restarted, so that life can be continued. In addition, Yinfeng Life Extension Plan also includes research projects on cryopreservation and resuscitation of tissues and organs, which is committed to carrying out research on cryopreservation, resuscitation and clinical transformation of cells and tissues and organs using advanced cryobiomedicine technology. 




The appearance of the ASEAN Expo made Yinfeng's life continuation plan the focus of attention once again. The Academy of Health Sciences will continue to adhere to the organizational mission of “dedicate medical science and technology to ensure human health” and inherit Yinfeng’s brand strength. Explore and innovate continuously in the fields of cryogenic medicine, biotechnology and life science, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, create greater value for the cause of health for the whole people with practical actions, and make more contributions to the construction of a healthy China. 


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