The first human cryopreservation in China (The first in Asia)

Recruiting Announcement

Yinfeng Life Extension Program volunteers are openly recruited

Yinfeng Life Extension Project is a future-oriented and challenging frontier life science research project initiated and implemented by Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute. The program mainly includes tissue and organ bank research, human cryopreservation research and other life science research projects. In order to ensure the continuous and standardized operation of the program and attract more social forces to participate in support, we are now openly recruiting volunteers for tissue and organ bank research and human cryopreservation research.
Volunteers should abide by the relevant Chinese laws and regulations, support life science research, have a certain scientific and rational understanding of it, and have the spirit of medical dedication. You can become a volunteer only after being assessed to meet the legal and ethical conditions, medical conditions, feasibility conditions and other conditions.
Serving human health and exploring the continuation of life is not only the original intention and dream of Yinfeng's life extension plan, but also the common dream of all mankind. we look forward to sharing a healthy life and building a dream together with you.
To join us or for more information, please call 86-531-88897351

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