Whole Process of Human Body Cryopreservation


Customer Service Consultation

For inquiries related to human body cryopreservation and becoming a volunteer, our professional team will provide comprehensive answers.


Schedule a Visit

You can schedule a visit either online or by phone. Once the appointment is confirmed, you are welcome to come for an on-site tour.


Apply to Become a Volunteer

Applicants voluntarily complete the Yinfeng Life Extension Plan Volunteer Application Form and donate their bodies for participation in cryopreservation and resuscitation research. Individuals with full civil capacity (those without full civil capacity are represented by their legal guardians or authorized executors) can apply. Applications will be reviewed by the Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute.


Medical Condition Assessment

① The applicant should be ≤80 years old (exceptions can be made with the approval of the Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute Expert Committee).

② The applicant should not have contracted any Class A or B infectious diseases as stipulated by the People’s Republic of China Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases or any internationally recognized highly infectious diseases.

③ If the applicant has other physical conditions not listed above, the clinical experts in “Life Science Institute” will assess the feasibility of the surgery.


Legal Condition Assessment

① The applicant agrees to apply for body donation registration in accordance with the relevant procedures of the Chinese Red Cross and the requirements of the Shandong Province Body Donation Regulations (2003 Edition). Close relatives must unanimously agree and be willing to cooperate to complete the body donation procedure. 
② The applicant should not be involved in any domestic criminal cases (disputes) or political events in their country or region during their lifetime. 
③ The applicant agrees to donate their body to the “Life Science Institute” for participation in research projects after clinical death.


Ethical Condition Assessment

① Comply with the Yinfeng Life Extension Plan Volunteer Charter.
② Comply with Chinese laws and regulations, recognize and support the Yinfeng Life Science Research Project, and have a rational understanding of life science research and a spirit of medical dedication.
③ The applicant should be ≤80 years old (exceptions can be made with the approval of the Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute Expert Committee).


Transport Implementation

We provide systematic transport solutions such as air transport and land transport according to patient needs.


Clinical Response

Before the patient’s attending physician declares clinical death, the response team will be on standby in the hospital, ready to implement the next step of life support. The response team includes cryopreservation experts, cardiac surgery experts, anesthesiology experts, extracorporeal circulation experts, etc.


Life Support

Within 2 minutes after the clinical doctor declares the patient’s clinical death, the response team quickly injects anticoagulant, antioxidant, and central nervous system nourishing drugs into the patient’s body, and starts the cardiopulmonary support equipment to ensure blood and oxygen supply to the body and maintain physiological functions of the body.


Hypothermic Perfusion Surgery

Volunteers will be quickly transferred to the Yinfeng Cryomedicine Center’s hypothermic perfusion area for cryosurgery and perfusion. The blood is replaced with cryoprotectant to avoid tissue and organ frostbite and to initially cool the human body.


Programmed Cooling

After the initial cooling, the volunteer will be transferred to the programmed cooling machine for curve cooling. The whole process is precisely controlled by computer programs to ensure that the human body achieves rapid and balanced cooling.

*After 50 to 60 hours, the body can be cooled evenly and continuously to below -190℃.



After the volunteer’s body temperature drops to around -190℃, it will be transferred to the deep cryopreservation equipment for long-term preservation. The temperature in the equipment will be maintained at -196℃ for a long time.


Personalized Services

1. Volunteers can be provided with 1000 mL peripheral blood gradient density centrifugation technology service to obtain mononuclear cells (MNC) for simultaneous programmed cooling and cryopreservation, providing necessary seed cells for their revival research.

2. After the perfusion surgery, volunteers can be provided with stem cell colonization. With the perfusion and penetration of the cryoprotectant into the volunteer’s body, it can better protect the human body’s tissues and organs, and provide more support and possibilities for the resuscitation research of the whole human body cryopreservation.