Overview of Cell Cryopreservation Field

Global cryomedicine currently involves more than 20 scientific research fields in cell cryopreservation, with more than 23,000 scientific literature data. At present, the preservation and resuscitation technology in the global cell field has been very mature. Our team has conducted in-depth and systematic research in 8 fields, including umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cells, umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells, placental hematopoietic stem cells, placental mesenchymal stem cells, adipose stem cells, neural stem cells, red blood cells, and immune cells. In 1776, Spallanzani published the first report on the effect of “cold” treatment on “cell” life activity, marking the beginning of cell cryopreservation technology. After hundreds of years, with the continuous development and improvement of cell cryopreservation technology, cell cryopreservation has brought earth-shaking changes to human life. Among them, the sperm bank represented by germ cell storage was established, bringing the opportunity to welcome new life to nearly 3 million people with fertility disorders worldwide every year, and providing reliable support for fertility preservation. The establishment of the umbilical cord blood bank represented by the preservation and resuscitation of umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cells has saved more than 5 million patients with severe blood diseases worldwide every year. The storage of immune cells, which lays the technical foundation for clinical treatment of various malignant tumors, has provided a new direction of treatment for 20 million new cancer patients worldwide every year.



Global Cryomedicine-Cell Cryopreservation Scientific Literature

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Application of Cell Cryopreservation and Resuscitation in Cell Field

Global Patient Benefit Data

Global Population with Fertility Impairment Annually

300 Thousands of people

Global Patients with Severe Blood Diseases Annually

500 Thousands of people

Global New Cancer Patients Annually

2000 Thousands of people

Literature Data in the Field of Cell Cryopreservation in Global Cryomedicine in 2024:


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Data source: PubMed(Updated in April 2024)