Heavy! Professor Zhao Gang, chairman of our special committee, jointly published an important article - "Principles and Progress of Cell Cryopreservation"

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In recent years, low-temperature biomedicine, a less popular subject, is attracting more and more attention, attracting more and more scientists to join it. Among them, the cryopreservation technology of cells, tissues and organs, and even the entire human body continues to make progress and is gradually used in clinical applications.



Recently, Executive Director of the International Society of Cryobiology, Affiliated Professor of the University of Washington, Professor Zhao Gang of the University of Science and Technology of China, Zhou Xuexun of the Cryobiology Group of the Organized Biobank Branch of the Chinese Medical Biotechnology Association, and Professor Gao Dayong of the International Society of Cryobiology, President of the International Society of Cryobiology A joint article - "Principles and Progress of Cell Cryopreservation" was published online on the "Science China Life Sciences" website, sharing the progress of long-term cryopreservation technology of biological living cells. Among them, Professor Zhao Gang is the chairman of the Yinfeng Cryomedicine Expert Committee, and has provided tremendous academic support and technical guidance for Yinfeng’s cryopreservation and recovery research on tissues and organs.

The article points out that long-term cryopreservation of biological living cells is a key core technology to ensure the high-quality operation of modern biological sample banks. It is also the only available technology that can realize "pause" and "restart" of cell life and meet on-demand treatment. It has It has important basic research and clinical application value. Its standardization and large-scale application are playing an irreplaceable and important supporting role in many fields such as cell therapy, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, reproductive medicine, clinical blood transfusion, drug development, animal genetic breeding and reproduction, etc. .



In contemporary cryopreservation systems, people are mainly committed to finding ideal cryoprotectants, and at the same time, under the established cryoprotectant solution system, multi-scale and all-round optimal control of the entire cryopreservation process is carried out. At present, Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute has screened and optimized a variety of cryoprotection ingredients with different properties, independently developed a more efficient cryoprotection solution and cooling program with lower cell damage, and combined extracorporeal circulation with six concentration gradient protection solutions. The perfusion connection and fusion provide a strong guarantee for maintaining the functional activity of tissue cells.


The article explains that after more than 70 years of efforts by international cryobiologists, the cryopreservation and recovery of most cells have been successfully achieved. For example, the preservation of reproductive cells such as sperm, eggs, and embryos has effectively alleviated the serious problem of reduced fertility around the world. The effects of different rewarming methods on cells that Zhao Gang's team is exploring provide a new research paradigm for cell cryopreservation. At the same time, the article mentioned that through more than 25 years of continuous original research, Gao Dayong's team has developed groundbreaking automated single-mode electromagnetic resonance (SMER) technology, which can efficiently convert electromagnetic energy into thermal energy and achieve rapid Uniform 3D heating to prevent fatal water molecule heavy ice crystals and thermal stress damage during the rewarming process. This technology has been successfully applied to the cryopreservation of large-volume cell suspensions and biological tissues.



In addition, this article reviews the main progress of cell cryopreservation in the world. It also incorporates the team’s research accumulation using multidisciplinary integration and system engineering ideas to achieve green cryopreservation, and looks forward to the future development trend of cell cryopreservation.



We believe that as an important cornerstone of life sciences and clinical medicine and the basis for cryopreservation of multi-scale life materials, cell cryopreservation has made remarkable breakthroughs, but there is still a lot of room for development and breakthroughs in its related technologies. It is very helpful to overcome the international problem of cryogenic preservation of large-scale biological materials such as tissues and organs. We call on professionals with different backgrounds in life, medicine, physics, engineering, information and chemical materials to work together to contribute to low-temperature biomedicine.

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