Miracle! Man's thumb was severed for 76 hours, successfully resuscitated

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Recently, a banner full of patients' gratitude was sent to the hands of hand and foot surgeons of Qilu Hospital. It turned out that, just more than twenty days ago, Mr. Lu's left thumb was cut off by a machine while he was working at a construction site. The incident was sudden, and the severed finger could not be found during the emergency medical treatment. Two days later, the possibility of being separated from the broken finger and then pick up the living is minimal.



76 hours after his thumb was severed, it was successfully resuscitated

However, more than 70 hours had passed since Mr. Lu's thumb was severed, and with a glimmer of hope, he came to Qilu Hospital again.

For the battle-hardened doctors, this was still a big challenge!



Doctors from the Department of Hand and Foot Surgery opened a green channel for emergency reimplantation surgery. Currently, Mr. Lu is on the 26th day after the surgery, and to his surprise, the reimplanted thumb is fully alive! This sets a new record for Qilu Hospital.

At the same time, doctors urge patients to seek medical attention as soon as possible if they have a severed finger, the higher the success rate of reimplantation. If the transplantation conditions are not available at that time, the isolated tissue can be properly preserved.



"World's first case" - 81 days of frozen severed finger into a successful replantation

Re-implantation of severed fingers is a high-precision, high-difficulty, high-risk surgery, the factors that determine the survival rate of re-implantation, in addition to the degree of damage to the severed finger and individual differences, it is important to grasp the "golden time". Strive to re-implantation within 6-8 hours, the severed finger will be irreversible degenerative necrosis after 12 hours.

As early as 2002, Shandong Provincial Hospital Hand and Foot Surgery Department had successfully realized a case of frozen 81 days of the severed finger back to the planting, at that time, is still the "world's first".

September 24, 2002, living outside the small Wang (a pseudonym) due to emotional problems, in a fit of pique will cut off the second section of his left index finger, and refused to return to the plant. Provincial Hospital, hand and foot surgery Wang Zengtao in the consent of the affected party, will be small Wang's severed finger treatment and preserved in the liquid nitrogen at -196 ℃.



Exactly 72 days had passed, and Xiao Wang regretted it. However, the severance time is too long, and there is no precedent in the world that a severed finger preserved in ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen can be reimplanted and survive. But the patient and his father wanted to give it a try, and on December 14th, the surgery began and lasted seven hours.

One month after the operation, Wang removed the stitches and fresh skin grew on his bright red finger; a few months later, the fingernail on Wang's severed finger also grew back, and he recovered very well in the later stages.



Deep cryopreservation for the possibility of isolated tissue and organ access

The above reimplantation success proves the viability of an organ containing multiple tissues, realizing the dream of mankind for many years that tissues are preserved at ultra-low temperatures and can be revived, and providing experience in the preservation of other organs in the human body. This depicts a bright future for human organ transplantation: multiple organs are preserved in cold storage, and patients can select them on demand at any time without having to wait in line for organs as they do now.

Since 2016, Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute and the Department of Hand and Foot Surgery of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University have jointly set up a research group on cryopreservation of human skin and severed fingers (toes) and clinical replanting, to carry out research on the deep cryoprotection system of isolated tissues and organs, perfusion and cryopreservation of isolated tissues and to provide high-quality preservation services for clinically isolated skin, severed fingers (toes) and even amputated limbs for various reasons. Up to now, 54 cases of preservation of severed fingers (toes) have been successfully realized, and 3 cases have been successfully replanted, with all of them recovering blood supply after transplantation.



In addition, Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute has been exploring the preservation of blood vessels, ovaries, bones, tendons and other tissues and organs. The deep cryopreservation, resuscitation and transplantation of these more complex tissues and organs is a great progress of cryonics in tissue and organ preservation. On this basis of persistence and continuous exploration, we believe that we will eventually realize the cryopreservation and resuscitation technology of larger scale and more complex tissues and organs, so that cryonics can better benefit human health.

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