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2024 Yinfeng Life Extension Program Volunteer Recruitment

Hibernation pressing the pause button on life.It may seem like a science fiction fantasy, but it’s happening all the time in real life.Embryos frozen for 27 years are growing into healthy babies.Cells, some tissues and organs are revived after cryopreservation and benefit human medicine.

We are going through "nine" years with a deep commitment to cryopreservation.


Yinfeng Life Extension Program

After nine years of precipitation and accumulation,this cutting-edge and challenging research project has received more and more attention and recognition.

Yinfeng Life Extension Program is a cutting-edge life science research project initiated and conducted by Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Institution. It is in line with the principles of scientific and technological ethics. The program mainly includes research on cryopreservation and reamination of tissues and organs and research on cryopreservation and reanimation of human body, and is committed to using advanced cryobiomedical technology to carry out research on the cryopreservation, reanimation of cells, tissues and organs and the application of their transformation in clinical practice.Among them, the research on cryopreservation and reanimation of the human body is carried out through interdisciplinary research such as cryobioengineering, cryomedicine, materials science and clinical medicine, which performs cryopreservation of the whole human body, slows down or even suspends the metabolism of human cells, tissues and organs, maintains the integrity of the body structure, and gradually explores the functional recovery of tissues, organs and systems after rewarming.

In 2017, Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Institution completed the first human cryopreservation case in China, creating a precedent for human cryopreservation in China, and making China become the third country in the world, after the United States and Russia, capable of fully implementing this highly cutting-edge and challenging research program.Up to now, 22 volunteers have participated in Yinfeng Life Extension Program’s research into cryopreservation and reanimation of human body. They are sleeping under cryogenic temperature as time flies, carrying the deep love from their families and unlimited expectations for the future and time does not trouble them at all.

If you want to contribute to cryomedicine;If you are full of love and have the courage to take on challenges;If you have hope and confidence in the future;Yinfeng Life Extension Program is willing to go forward with you all the way!If you meet the following conditions and are interested toparticipate, 

please contact the staff for more information:


1.Register and apply for body donation and select Yinfeng as the recipient unit in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Shandong Provincial Regulations on Body Donation. Obtain the consent from next of kin;

2.Approve and support the research program with rational cognition and dedication to medicine;

3.Age ≤ 80 years. Provide a recent detailed medical history or body examination report;

4.Do not carry category A, B, or other highly infectious diseases listed in the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act;

5.Do not have in vivo metallic or synthetic implants that may interfere with this research project, such as: Cranial patches, implants for internal fixation of the sternum or spine, pacemakers, etc. If you have a homologous organ implanted in your body, the survival time of the organ should be ≥ 3 years;

6.Able to tranfer to Jinan if you are not in Jinan.


To learn more, please email yangshu@yinfeng.com.cn

Public Recruitment for Volunteers for the Yinfeng Life Extension Program 2023

Recruitment of Volunteers for the "Yinfeng Life Extension Program"
Dear Sir/Madam,
The Yinfeng Life Extension Program is a forward-looking and ambitious cutting-edge research project in the field of life sciences initiated and conducted by the Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Institution (hereinafter referred to as the "Institute of Life Sciences"). It mainly includes research projects on tissue and organ cryopreservation and reanimation, and human cryopreservation and reanimation.
In accordance with the 2023 Research Program Agreement of the Institute of Life Sciences, we are recruiting two volunteers from the public to participate in the implementation of the Life Extension Program during the second and fourth quarters.
If you meet the following conditions and are interested in participating in the research, please contact the staff for more information:
1、You have registered and applied for body donation and selected Institute of Life Sciences as the recipient unit in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Shandong Provincial Regulations on Body Donation and you have obtained the consent of your close relatives.
2、You approve of the research project program and support it with rational mind and medical dedication.
3、Age ≤ 80 years. Please provide a recent detailed medical history or body examination report.
4、Do not suffer from class A, B, and other highly contagious diseases according to the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act.
5、Do not have metallic or synthetic implants in vivo that may interfere with this research project, such as: Cranial patches, implants for internal fixation of the sternum or spine, pacemakers, etc.
6、If there is a homologous organ implanted into your body, the survival time of organ implantation should be ≥ 3 years.
7、The conditions for performing off-site transfers are in place.
Your participation contributes much to the progress of scientific research, and salute the volunteers who give so much love!
Contact: Director Yang Tel: 0531-8889 7351, 199 5315 5517
Shandong Yinfeng Research Institute of Life Sciences (Receiving Station for Remains)

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