The first human cryopreservation in China (The first in Asia)

Q9: How to ensure that the study of human cryopreservation can be carried out for a long time?

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2022-04-22 11:33


A: For the current technology, law and traditional concepts, the study of human cryopreservation is extremely challenging and controversial, and has attracted the attention of authoritative experts, legal experts, media and patients in the field of cryopedicine at home and abroad. As the first research unit of human cryopreservation, Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute has received great attention from Shandong provincial government, Red Cross and other relevant departments. Through the verification of our own technical strength, the demonstration of laws and regulations, the self-discipline of ethical standards and the significance to medical progress, we have won the support of the Shandong Health and Family Planning Commission and the Red Cross, and obtained the approval of the qualification of the body reception station and the study of donated remains. In line with the existing national and local policies and laws and regulations. Second, the Yinfeng Life Science Public Welfare Foundation of Shandong Province will provide strong financial support for this research, and specially set up a special fund related to it for a more stable and long-term development of this research. publicize and promote human cryopreservation research to the whole society, advocate the attention and support of the whole society, so that this research can be carried out continuously for a long time.

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