The first human cryopreservation in China (The first in Asia)

Q1: Legality of human cryopreservation research?

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2022-04-22 11:36


A: At present, there are no prohibitive or restrictive regulations in China. The human body cryopreservation currently carried out by Yinfeng Research Institute is part of the Yinfeng Life Sustainability Research Program and belongs to scientific research. According to the "Regulations on Donation of Remains of Shandong Province", natural persons are encouraged to voluntarily express their willingness to donate all or part of their remains to medical scientific undertakings after death, and natural persons who did not express their willingness to donate before death are encouraged to have their close relatives donate to the cause of medical science. The act of donating all or part of his body to the cause of medical science. Therefore, the scientific research of volunteers donating their remains for cryopreservation after their death conforms to the current laws and regulations of Shandong Province. At present, there is no national law on body donation. According to preliminary statistics, only 4 provinces, 2 municipalities directly under the Central Government, and 5 cities have formulated regulations on the management of body donation.

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