"Chinese Temperature, The Miracle of Life" Yinfeng Life Extension Program documentary will be launched soon

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The first work of "Chinese Temperature" created by the Advertising Research Center of Shandong University, "The Miracle of Life", will be launched soon, witnessing the miracle blooming of China's cryogenic medicine and showing the "Chinese Temperature" of Yinfeng's life extension plan.

In the extraordinary decade, Chinese companies have emerged countless brand stories with temperature, which we call "China Temperature".

The Advertising Research Center of Shandong University, the Shandong Provincial Brand Construction Promotion Association, and the Qilu Evening News One Point Think Tank jointly planned the "China Temperature" public welfare communication action, aiming to show the "China Temperature" of Shandong enterprises from multiple perspectives, accumulate brand power, forge ahead on a new journey, and make contributions to a new era.



"Because man must overcome difficulties

Have the ability to overcome difficulties

I want to influence more people

Let them go to the ocean, to the deep blue,

Go to more unknowns and challenge the impossible. —Zhai Mo

As early as 2007, Zhai Mo spent two and a half years sailing around the world for a week, becoming the "first person in China's unpowered sailing boat to sail around the world", and was selected as the "Moving China" Person of the Year, and served as the image ambassador of marine public welfare.

Curious about the unknown, Zhai Mo became acquainted with sailboats, and since then he has been accompanied by the waves, experiencing hurricanes, storms, pirates, sharks and glaciers, experiencing loneliness, fear, exhaustion and pain. However, when the dawn after the rain clears and the dawn pierces the sea level, Zhai Mo's belief in continuing to explore will be even stronger.



The research team of Yinfeng Life Science is full of respect for Zhai Mo's insistence on exploration.

Zhai Mo also expressed: "I put my love for life into the exploration of the unknown and the challenge of the limit, and I am like-minded with the Yinfeng team. ”

On the road of life exploration, Zhai Mo, like the scientific research workers of the Yinfeng team, set sail because of his curiosity and courage about the unknown world, and was unswervingly determined because of his awe and respect for natural life.



Yinfeng Life Extension Program is a future-oriented cutting-edge life science research project, which focuses on cryogenic biomedicine, aiming to achieve the deep cryopreservation and resuscitation of human cells, tissues, organs and the whole human body through the development of cryopreservation and resuscitation technology, so as to achieve the goal of curing human diseases and extending human life.

Cryobiomedicine was born in 1949, and after more than 70 years of continuous development, cryopreservation stem cells, cryo-assisted reproduction and other technologies have been widely used in clinical practice, bringing hope to thousands of families. However, the development of cryogenic biomedicine still faces many challenges, and the vast ocean of cryogenic biomedicine in the future is still waiting for scientific researchers to cut the waves.


In order to record and witness the development of cryogenic biomedicine in China, it was planned and initiated by the team of Shandong University, and invited Yinfeng cryogenic medical research team, Sun Wenyu, chief physician of cardiovascular surgery of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Yongcheng, science fiction writer, Alan Drake, former American Alcor human cryopreservation expert, Chen Xiaoyang, chairman of the Chinese Executive Committee of the UNESCO Commission for Ethics, Science and Social Development, Sang Benqian, executive director of the Jurisprudence Society of the China Law Society, Liu Baolin, head of the cryobiology group of the Biobank Branch of the China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association, and Zhai Mo, a navigator, cooperated to launch the documentary "The Miracle of China's Temperature, Life" Yinfeng Life Extension Program.

Latest developments

The theme publicity activity of "Central Media Look at Jinan - Entering Jinan's Private Economy" was held in Yinfeng Biotechnology Park

On August 23, the Jinan Private Economic Development Bureau and China Economic Weekly jointly launched the theme publicity activity of "Central Media Look at Jinan - Entering Jinan's Private Economy" in Yinfeng Biotechnology Park.

Yinfeng Cryogenic and Anhui Medical University "Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center" project was accepted and awarded by the Ministry of Education

Led by Anhui Medical University and participated by Yinfeng Cryogenic Medical Technology Co., Ltd., the "Engineering Research Center for Life Resources Conservation and Artificial Organs of the Ministry of Education" was officially accepted and awarded by the Ministry of Education. As one of the four major platforms for the transformation of the center's project, Yinfeng Cryogenic Co., Ltd. is responsible for the "development, promotion and application of cryogenic preservation technology of biological matrix materials".

The inaugural meeting of the International Alliance for Life Extension Research was successfully concluded

On March 28, 2023, the kick-off meeting of the International Alliance for Life Extension Research was held in Jinan, Shandong. The "International Alliance for Life Extension Research" was initiated by Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute, and jointly established by 13 international scientific research institutions engaged in the field of cryogenic biomedicine from North America, Europe, Oceania, etc., and appeared at the conference through online and offline forms.