Yinfeng Cryogenics Co-organized and Participated in the 13th National Cryogenic Biomedicine and Instrumentation Annual Conference

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October 14-16, 2023, the thirteenth national cryogenic biomedicine and instrumentation academic annual meeting was held in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, the annual meeting by the Chinese Refrigeration Society of small refrigerators cryogenic biomedical professional committee, Shanghai Tumor Energy Therapy Technology and Instrumentation Collaborative Innovation Center hosted by Yinfeng cryogenic as a co-sponsor of the depth of participation in which, and on the silver abundance of cryogenic medicine research and transformation aspects of the report in detail.


The meeting invited more than 30 experts in cryobiomedical research, clinical and translational fields, who made in-depth analysis and research sharing on the scientific research dynamics in cryobiomedical industry, cryopreservation of biological resources and other hot issues, which created a multi-disciplinary, in-depth cross-fertilization and exchange of ideas among industry, academia, research and medicine. More than ten experts, including Prof. Liu Baolin, Prof. Zhao Gang, Prof. Xuyi, Prof. Sun Wenyu, Prof. Wang Peitao, Prof. Sun Wenquan, Prof. Jin Bo, Prof. Zhang Shaozhi, Prof. Gao Cai, Prof. Zhou Xiaoming and other experts from Yinfeng Cryonics Expert Committee, were invited to participate in the conference.

The conference was hosted by Prof. Xuyi, Institute of Thermal Sciences of Biosystems, Shanghai Institute of Technology, who firstly introduced the leaders and guests attending the conference and expressed his gratitude to the organizers and co-organizers of the conference. Prof. Liu Baolin, President of Science and Technology Development Research Institute of Shanghai Institute of Technology and Vice President of Shanghai Refrigeration Society, delivered an opening speech as the organizer, and Chief Engineer Xu Hong, Director of Six Specialized Committees of the Chinese Refrigeration Society, delivered a speech.


The conference will include three thematic reports on "Cryobiomedicine and Clinical Application", "Frontier Technology of Cryopreservation", "Cryopreservation Practice and Industrialization" and a youth forum report. More than 20 experts in the field of cryobiology research, clinical and translational research from all over the country made in-depth presentations and shared their views on cryopreservation technology, cryotherapy, cryogenic process and clinical application, cryopreservation translational research, development of cryogenic equipment, and construction and application of biospecimen library.

Mr. Zang Chuanbao, Director of Yinfeng Cryonics Research Center, and his team were invited to attend the meeting and give a keynote speech on "Initial Exploration of Yinfeng Cryonics Research and Transformation". Mr. Zang introduced and shared the research and clinical transformation projects and achievements carried out by Yinfeng cryonics team in recent years, and introduced the cryogenic technology in human cryopreservation, put forward his own views and ideas on the integration and transformation of cryogenic technology in medicine, and expected that the cryonics experts and clinics could strengthen cooperation and information exchange, and continuously improve the transformation and application of cryobiomedical technology.


As an important communication platform of the Chinese Institute of Refrigeration in the field of cryogenic biomedical research and transformation, the conference has been held for thirteen years, which effectively promotes technical exchanges among universities, research institutes and enterprises. We expect that under the common drive of national cryobiomedical experts and the attention of people from all walks of life, cryobiomedicine will realize the integration of industry, academia, research and medical use more quickly, help transform the old and new kinetic energy, and contribute cryogenic power to "One Belt, One Road".


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