Yinfeng Institute of Biological Sciences’ research results on “Stem Cells Promote New Bone Growth” were published in foreign journals

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Large-segment bone defects are common clinical diseases, and stem cells and bone tissue engineering are considered to be a promising method for bone regeneration. Recently, a team from Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute and Shandong University collaborated to study a nanocellulose membrane platform for multi-lineage differentiation of stem cells to biomimetically construct bioactive three-dimensional bone-like tissue, which can significantly promote the rapid growth of new bone and capillary growth. Rapid formation of blood vessels and nerve fibers.

The relevant results were published in "Advanced Healthcare Materials" (IF=7.367, JCR Area I) under the title "Nanocellulose-ReinforcedHydroxyapatite Nanobelt Membrane as a Stem Cell Multi-Lineage DifferentiationPlatform for Biomimetic Construction of Bioactive 3D Osteoid Tissue In Vitro".


Schematic diagram of multi-differentiation platform for bone regeneration


Large-segment bone defects are common clinical diseases, especially the treatment of severe bone defects accompanied by multi-tissue damage (tissue damage of blood vessels and peripheral nerves) remains a huge challenge, often leading to bone nonunion and other Sequelae may even lead to lifelong disability. Stem cells and bone tissue engineering, as one of the most promising bone regeneration methods, have attracted widespread attention.

"Most previous research related to bone tissue engineering scaffolds focused on the differentiation of osteoblasts, and great progress has been made," said Wei Benjie, the team leader of the project. In fact, bone regeneration involves not only bone formation; Other parts such as blood vessels and nerves are involved to ensure the function of the bone.

During the bone repair process, if there is no new blood and nerve formation in the new bone, the regeneration of the bone defect will fail, resulting in a poor prognosis. Therefore, bone tissue engineering for clinical treatment of bone defects should consider the formation of all important parts of bone, among which bone, blood vessels, and nerves are particularly important. Since it is difficult to achieve co-culture or multi-lineage differentiation of different cells in the same scaffold or system, there are few relevant studies to achieve coordinated regeneration of osteoblasts, vascular cells and neuronal cells. Therefore, developing a stem cell multi-lineage differentiation platform to biomimetically construct bioactive three-dimensional bone-like tissue for bone regeneration remains an urgent problem to be solved.



In vitro reconstruction of bone-like tissue


It is reported that this article synthesizes a nanocellulose-reinforced hybrid membrane with high mechanical properties and biodegradable properties by assembling ultra-long hydroxyapatite nanoribbons in nanocellulose hydrogel, realizing the application of stem cells in osteoblasts, Nerve cells and vascular endothelial cells coordinate differentiation and regeneration. Utilizing the multi-directional differentiation characteristics of the biomimetic hybrid membrane, bioactive 3D bone-like tissue can be simulated and constructed in vitro through layer-by-layer superposition, culture and integration methods.

The results of the 8-week ectopic and in situ osteogenesis experiments showed that the bone-like tissue constructed in vitro significantly promoted the rapid growth of new bone and the rapid formation of capillaries and nerve fibers, proving its strong bone regeneration ability. This study demonstrates the wide application of hybrid membranes as a multi-lineage differentiation platform for stem cells and has broad application prospects in bone tissue engineering.

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