The Peking University Alumni Association visited Yinfeng Biological Group

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On August 12, a delegation composed of Peking University Alumni Association, Peking University Youth CEO Club and Peking University School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship visited Yinfeng Biological Group.


Wang Baoqing, President of Yinfeng Biological Group, Liu Guojun, Vice President of Yinfeng Biological Group and President of Qilu Stem Cell Company, and Zhang Guirong, Assistant to the President and Director of R&D Department of Yinfeng Biological Group, accompanied the visit.

The delegation visited the "Infinite Life Plan" Science Museum and the "Life Extension Plan" exhibition hall successively, and learned in detail about the storage and application prospects of cells in 5G scenarios, the application of cryogenic medicine, the first case of human cryopreservation in Asia, and the infinite possibilities of cryomedicine in organ transplantation and clinical applications. The delegation then visited the Shandong Provincial Cord Blood Bank and Yinfeng Gene Laboratory.



The inspection team conducted a comprehensive understanding of Yinfeng Biotechnology Group's industrial layout, cutting-edge technology, research and development innovation, and achievement transformation in the biomedical field. We highly recognize and praise the achievements of Yinfeng Biological Group.
Yinfeng Biotechnology Group is a high-tech enterprise driven by "cell+gene" dual engine innovation, specializing in the research and development, medical transformation, and clinical research of biomedical technologies such as human cell, tissue, and organ storage, gene sequencing technology, cell application technology, deep cryogenic medical technology, and health management services. After 19 years of deep cultivation, Yinfeng Biotechnology has taken the lead in connecting the entire human life cycle health management service industry chain nationwide, with the development vision of "becoming a leading domestic and world-class human life cycle health management service provider", and contributing Yinfeng's strength to serving "Healthy China"。

Latest developments

The theme publicity activity of "Central Media Look at Jinan - Entering Jinan's Private Economy" was held in Yinfeng Biotechnology Park

On August 23, the Jinan Private Economic Development Bureau and China Economic Weekly jointly launched the theme publicity activity of "Central Media Look at Jinan - Entering Jinan's Private Economy" in Yinfeng Biotechnology Park.

Yinfeng Cryogenic and Anhui Medical University "Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center" project was accepted and awarded by the Ministry of Education

Led by Anhui Medical University and participated by Yinfeng Cryogenic Medical Technology Co., Ltd., the "Engineering Research Center for Life Resources Conservation and Artificial Organs of the Ministry of Education" was officially accepted and awarded by the Ministry of Education. As one of the four major platforms for the transformation of the center's project, Yinfeng Cryogenic Co., Ltd. is responsible for the "development, promotion and application of cryogenic preservation technology of biological matrix materials".

The inaugural meeting of the International Alliance for Life Extension Research was successfully concluded

On March 28, 2023, the kick-off meeting of the International Alliance for Life Extension Research was held in Jinan, Shandong. The "International Alliance for Life Extension Research" was initiated by Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute, and jointly established by 13 international scientific research institutions engaged in the field of cryogenic biomedicine from North America, Europe, Oceania, etc., and appeared at the conference through online and offline forms.