"Science" big news! The secret of longevity that can live for 200 years was found deep in the ocean!

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For natural life, aging and death are inevitable. A common hallmark of aging is that cells slowly lose their ability to produce new, healthy cells to repair damage.

However, as both vertebrates, some Pacific rockfish can live for more than 200 years, while others can only live for about 10 years. The life span of the two differs by 20 times! This also makes the former one of the longest-lived vertebrates. This difference in lifespan has attracted keen interest among scientists.




Recently, "Science" magazine revealed to us the mystery behind this longevity in the form of a cover paper.

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, collected tissue samples from 88 species of rockfish and performed whole-genome sequencing. The study found that long-lived rockfish groups contain abundant DNA repair pathways and 137 longevity-related genes. It affects lifespan directly through effects on insulin signaling and other pathways, and indirectly through effects on size and environmental adaptability.

We know that when organisms age, DNA damage will continue to accumulate, and these damages may further accelerate the aging process. If these damaged DNA can be repaired in time, the genome can be maintained in a "young state" and aging can be delayed.



▲Different rockfish have different sizes and lifespans


At the same time, scientists say that if you want to live longer, it depends on your environment. They found that rockfish that are larger and live in deeper, colder waters have slower metabolisms and are less susceptible to illness from microbial infections, which are associated with longer lifespans.

The research was published in the top international academic journal Science on November 11, 2021, titled: Origins and evolution of extreme life span in Pacific Ocean rockfishes.



Scientists hope that long-lived rockfish can provide humans with strategies to improve longevity. Strategies to improve DNA repair and control inflammation may extend lifespan and healthspan.

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