Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute completed the transfer of off-site volunteers and cryopreservation of human bodies for the first time

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At 14:30 pm on June 19, 2018, at Shandong Yinfeng Institute of Life Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Yinfeng Institute of Life Sciences"), a special farewell visit was a quick glance through the glass window, and then another Watching a kind old man being transferred to a liquid nitrogen tank at -196°C. Those who came to visit her were her close relatives - her husband, who had been with her for 53 years, her four children whom she had worked hard to raise, and her little granddaughter, whom she regarded as a treasure, and more than a dozen people.

The old man who was cryogenically preserved is Liu Aihui, 72 years old, and another volunteer participating in the Yinfeng Life Extension Research Project. Her husband, Mr. Zhou, 73 years old, cried uncontrollably when he saw his wife, who had just finished the cooling procedure and was lying peacefully in a sleeping bag about to be preserved in liquid nitrogen, saying, "Honey, your wish has come true."



family visit


This is the first time that Yinfeng Research Institute has applied "ECMO" technology to complete donation of volunteers off-site with the funding of Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Charity Foundation after obtaining the qualification of the body receiving station approved by the Shandong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission on March 28 this year. The successful case of transport and cryopreservation of human body is the most complete, comprehensive and challenging typical case in the life extension research plan.

The successful completion of this human cryopreservation was due to the full support of the Tai'an Red Cross Society, the close cooperation of Tai'an Central Hospital, the unanimous consent of the volunteers' families, the immediate response of the Yinfeng expert team and the full use of a full set of instruments and equipment. , which is also a high respect for Liu Aihui and her family for their trust in life sciences and their dedication to love!




“Our family unanimously supports this important decision.”

In the summer of 2017, Liu Aihui's youngest son saw the news on the Internet that "Shandong Yinfeng completed China's first human cryopreservation case" and then told his father, Mr. Zhou. Both he and his father knew that his mother, who had suffered from lung cancer for many years, had been He talks about donating his body for medical research.

In November of the same year, Mr. Liu Aihui’s youngest daughter contacted Yinfeng Research Institute and learned about the human cryopreservation research plan, participation conditions and legal procedures through on-site visits and consultations. Later, her youngest daughter accompanied Mr. Zhou and her brother to Yinfeng Research Institute. Feng Research Institute further communicated the specific implementation steps and details, and signed relevant documents for participating in the research plan.

"My wife and I have lived together for more than 50 years. She was once an ordinary worker who never cared about food or clothing. She was simple and kind-hearted." Mr. Zhou said that in the area where they live, not many people who know his wife's name are mentioned. There are many, but many people know that "Liu Da braid" who is willing to help others.

"She has always been willing to help others, know how to contribute, and do good deeds. Donating her body for scientific research is a good deed she wanted to do," Mr. Zhou said. His wife has always had this idea and discussed it with him. "I also discussed it with the children and unanimously supported this important decision."

"The old man has faith and confidence in life sciences," the youngest daughter said. "We children are very filial. The old man's wishes are also the wishes of our whole family."

In the six months since the disease assessment, Yinfeng Research Institute has maintained timely communication with his family members, and the elderly's various physiological indicators have been relatively stable.



Transfer to ambulance and rush to Jinan


Accurate prediction and gain 7 precious minutes

On June 13, 2018, Yinfeng Research Institute received a call from the patient’s family notifying him that some of the elderly man’s physiological indicators were abnormal. In the afternoon of the same day, Yinfeng Research Institute immediately organized experts to rush to Tai'an Central Hospital for clinical condition assessment. Based on the condition introduction of the attending doctor, the institute's experts relied on their rich clinical experience to conduct an assessment and prepare to initiate a clinical response.

Unlike the case of Ms. Zhan’s “China’s First Human Cryopreservation” implemented by Yinfeng Research Institute, Liu Aihui has been receiving treatment in the ICU ward of Tai’an Central Hospital. If she wants to transfer to another hospital before her death, it involves donation procedures, stable condition, admission and admission conditions, and Family acceptance and other complex factors. After in-depth discussions, experts from Yinfeng Research Institute decided to use "ECMO" technology for off-site transportation after clinical death of volunteers. This put forward higher conditions for the implementation plan - the strong support of the Red Cross, the experience and prediction of the attending doctors, and the response The close collaboration of the team, the comprehensive cooperation of the hospital wards, the complete preparation of instruments and equipment, the effective control of transfer time and the timely response to other unexpected situations all require strict planning and accurate implementation, with no room for error.

Considering Mr. Zhou's emotions and psychology, his younger son could not bear to allow the Yinfeng clinical response team to enter the hospital in advance for preparations. Yinfeng Research Institute's clinical response experts communicated closely with doctors in the hospital's ICU ward, paid attention to changes in the patient's indicators in a timely manner, and discussed and formulated detailed steps and surgical plans.

On June 15, the clinical response team, including human cryopreservation expert Aaron Drake, cardiac surgery expert Sun Wenyu, anesthesia expert Hou Yuedong, extracorporeal circulation specialist Zhao Fen and other members, was assembled and entered the "24 hours” clinical standby phase. Yinfeng Research Institute is only 3 kilometers away from the entrance of the highway and 100 kilometers away from Tai'an Central Hospital. The clinical response team decided to be on standby at the institute so that they could set off quickly and reach the patient's hospital as quickly as possible.

Previously, after receiving the body donation application from Liu Aihui's family, the Tai'an Red Cross Society attached great importance to it, actively communicated with the Shandong Red Cross Society about the feasibility of off-site donation, respected the family's wishes, and provided support; it was learned that Liu Aihui volunteered to participate in Yinfeng's donation. After the research on human cryopreservation, Tai'an Central Hospital fully cooperated and organized many department meetings and discussions to assist Yinfeng Research Institute in special operations.

"Gather, let's go!" At 22:40 on the evening of June 16, a message that everyone "has been waiting for but unwilling to receive" suddenly popped up in the Yinfeng Research Institute's clinical response WeChat group. This is an emergency instruction issued by the person in charge of Yinfeng Research Institute based on the latest vital sign data informed by doctors in the ICU ward of Tai'an Central Hospital. A few minutes later, the clinical response fleet, including ambulances, carrying experts and various instruments and equipment, quickly drove out of Yinfeng Biological Group and went straight to Tai'an Central Hospital. Arriving at the hospital at 0:00 on June 17, before the expert team had time to have further conversations with the family, an urgent call for help came from the ward saying that the patient's blood pressure had dropped rapidly. Alan Drake and Hou Yuedong rushed to the ICU ward immediately, while other team members quickly moved various instruments and equipment. At this time, the patient's vital indicators are returning to zero and disappearing one by one. Seven minutes later, the doctor in charge declared the patient clinically dead, and Yinfeng clinical response experts began a special operation in the hospital's ICU ward. Yinfeng clinical experts quickly injected various drugs into his body and took cooling measures, performed artificial cardiopulmonary support to maintain the patient's blood circulation, and established "ECMO" extracorporeal circulation through the femoral artery and vein. At 3:30 in the morning, under the protection of the life support system, his body was carefully transferred to the ambulance and rushed to Jinan.



A letter from a young son that evokes his mother's memory


"Loving your family is a small love, but making a contribution to science is a big love."

Similar to the news description published by Yinfeng Research Institute last year, in the following dozens of hours, the expert team successively carried out steps such as blood replacement, cryoprotectant perfusion and programmed cooling.

At 14:30 on the afternoon of the 19th, it was the final procedure for Liu Aihui to be transferred to the liquid nitrogen tank. More than a dozen family members witnessed the process of her being transferred to the -196°C liquid nitrogen tank through the glass window.

Mr. Zhou held the glass with both hands and called his wife's name softly with tears in his eyes. The younger son recorded the brief moment with his mobile phone with trembling hands. The eldest daughter, who has been running around seeking medical treatment for her mother for many years, said with tears, "Mom, you will always be with us!"

"This is the best destination for her. I can see her again," Mr. Zhou murmured to himself.

After calming down, Mr. Zhou recalled what Liu Aihui often said to him before, "When people leave, they are just a handful of ashes. It will be more meaningful if it is beneficial to contribute to science and medicine. No matter what Son, someone has to step forward. If you don't leave and I don't leave, science will not develop. I am very sad to lose her. At the same time, I admire her, respect her, and miss her even more."

When Mr. Zhou expressed his gratitude to the expert team of Yinfeng Research Institute, he said, "Now that my wife is here, I will choose this path in the future."

The youngest daughter said, “We agree with the great progress made in cryogenic medicine research and the research on cryopreservation and recovery of human tissues and organs. Science has a mature side and an uncertain side. Only when people invest in it can it develop. Mother loves us. This family is a small love. If (what you are doing now) helps science, it is a big love."

"You will never forget us, but because of brain radiation therapy, you sometimes forget things. Let me remind you." The mother and son have a deep love and a blood-soaked promise. In order to prevent his mother from forgetting the current memory, the younger son burst into tears. I wrote a letter hoping to awaken my mother's future memories. The letter said, "Everything is as usual at home. I have been paying for your mobile phone..."

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