Overview of Organ Cryopreservation Field

Global cryomedicine involves more than 10 scientific research fields in the field of biological organ cryopreservation, with more than 10,000 scientific literature data, among which the Yinfeng biological team has conducted in-depth research in the field of animal kidney, liver, heart, ovary, testis and other 5 types of tissue cryopreservation. At present, organ transplantation is one of the most effective methods to treat end-stage organ failure, and organ deep preservation is particularly important. With the continuous exploration of clinical trials of cryopreservation of organs by global cryomedicine, it has derived and promoted the development and clinical application of vitrification preservation technology and multi-physical field rewarming technology. At present, it has been able to achieve the long-distance transportation time requirements of organs (transplantation) across continents under cryopreservation state, alleviating the transportation and time requirement of nearly 130,000 patients who receive organ transplantation every year worldwide. In addition, in order to improve and realize the application of valuable organ resources, our team first carried out perfusion and deep cryopreservation of animal kidneys and conducted explorations of different degrees, hoping to reduce the damage caused by ice crystal formation during cryopreservation using advanced cryopreservation and rewarming technology experiments, so as to realize the extension and improvement of life span and postoperative quality of life of organ transplantation patients in clinical practice.



Global Cryomedicine-Organ Cryopreservation Research Literature

10000 +

Global Cryomedicine-Organ Cryopreservation Covered Areas

10 Other Types

Yinfeng Cryomedicine Team-Organ Cryopreservation Covered Areas


05 Types

Cryopreservation and Clinical Applications in the Organ Field

Global Patient Benefit Data Annually

Global Cumulative Kidney Transplant Population

75 Thousands of people

Global New Lung Transplant Population Annually

4000 People

Global Organ Transplant Population Annually

13 Thousands of people

Literature Data in the Field of Organ Cryopreservation in Global Cryomedicine in 2024:


2806 article
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Cardiopulmonary cryopreservation field


3620 article
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Liver and kidney cryopreservation field


2915 article
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Ovarian cryopreservation field


1216 article
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testicular cryopreservation field

Data source: PubMed(Updated in April 2024)