Overview of Tissue Cryopreservation Field

Global cryomedicine involves more than 10 scientific research fields in biological tissue cryopreservation, with more than 3,400 scientific literature data. Among them, our team has conducted in-depth research on 5 types of tissue cryopreservation, including cornea, blood vessel, skin, amputated finger/toe, ovary, etc. At present, cryopreservation technology can be used to preserve blood vessels, valves, skin, etc., and the preservation of ovarian tissue and amputated fingers/toes has been widely used in clinical practice. With the continuous optimization of cryoprotectants and the continuous maturity of various tissue and organ cryopreservation technologies, the success rate of skin transplantation, amputated finger/toe replantation, tissue transplantation and so on has gradually increased, and more and more people have benefited from tissue and organ cryopreservation technology and regained new life, bringing hope to 2 million patients who need tissue and organ transplantation every year worldwide, and greatly extending and improving the life span and postoperative quality of life of patients after tissue and organ transplantation.



Global Cryomedicine-Tissue Cryopreservation Scientific Literature

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Global Cryomedicine-Tissue Cryopreservation Covered Areas

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Application of Tissue Cryopreservation and Resuscitation in Tissue Field

Global Patient Benefit Data

Global Annual Skin Tissue Transplantation Population

20 Thousands of people

Global Annual Neural Tissue Transplantation Population

25 Thousands of people

Global Annual Limb Replantation Population

30 Thousands of people

Literature Data in the Field of Tissue Cryopreservation in Global Cryomedicine in 2024:

Data source: PubMed(Updated in April 2024)


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1400 article
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