The first human cryopreservation in China (The first in Asia)

Official Launch of the World’s First International Cryobiomedical Research System ——Yinfeng Cryomedicine Unfolds a New Era of International Cryomedicine Exploration

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2022-12-19 14:41


The development of medicine concerns the life and health of all people, and among the pioneering medical research fields, cryomedicine attracts attention due to its fruitful clinical application results and strong development momentum. In December 2022, the world's first International Cryobiomedical Research System was officially launched, organized and established by Yinfeng Cryomedicine Research Center. At the same time, the 2nd Yinfeng Cryomedicine Expert Committee was announced, which is the platform for the exchange of scientific research results, academic exchange and guidance of the system.

The International Cryobiomedical Research System is organized and initiated by Yinfeng Cryomedicine Research Center, which was jointly established by domestic and foreign cryobiomedical researchers and scientific institutions. The system includes 11 main scientific research projects and 30 subdivisions, including cell/tissue cryopreservation, freeze preservation technology, large sample/organ preservation technology, biological sample banking, new cryopreservation technologies/tools, cryoprotectors, and ice crystal control. This covers the current key areas and development directions of global cryomedicine research to jointly promote the development of cryomedicine in a systematic and collaborative manner.

The 2nd Yinfeng Cryomedicine Expert Committee aims to build an information exchange platform for the International Cryobiomedical Research System. The committee consists of 22 international and national experts and scholars in the fields of cryobiomedicine, human tissue and organ cryopreservation, clinical research, biomaterials, medical ethics, law, engineering, journalism and other related fields. From 2023, the 2nd Yinfeng Cryomedicine Expert Committee will organize the compilation of The White Paper on International Cryobiomedical Research System, which will comprehensively set out the background of the development of cryomedicine, the composition of the system, the current status of achievements and the direction of future research and development, and contribute China's strength to the development of international cryomedicine.

Cryomedicine is an emerging interdiscipline that has developed in recent decades. It integrates life sciences, modern medicine and cryogenic technology, with the expectation of curing human diseases and protecting human health through cryogenic technology. Through continuous efforts, cryomedicine has succeeded in cryopreserving and reanimation of human germ cells, stem cells, umbilical cord blood, ovarian tissue, testicular tissue, embryos and other human cells, tissues and organs. Cryomedicine is widely used in clinical practice and has helped millions of patients regain their health. Cryomedicine has thus become one of the rapidly developing, promising and remarkable disciplines in life sciences.

The rapid development of cryomedicine depends on the strength of a strong research team. Yinfeng Cryomedicine Research Center, which promotes the construction of the International Cryobiomedical Research System, belongs to Yinfeng Biological Group. At present, Yinfeng Biological Group operates fourteen national, provincial and municipal stem cell banks and genetic resource banks with more than 800,000 cryopreserved stem cells and a total capacity of more than 5 million cells. We are also proficient in techniques for deep cryopreservation and reanimation of a variety of human tissues and organs, including ovarian tissue, skin, severed fingers (toes), valves, blood vessels, etc.

The International Cryobiomedical Research System organized and led by the Yinfeng Cryomedicine will build a platform with academic exchange and result sharing for global cryobiomedical research teams, integrate international and domestic academic research forces in various fields, build a systematic cryomedicine research system, jointly promote the development of cryomedicine research, and enable global cryomedicine researchers to join together to form a strong force of cooperation.

The health of people is an important symbol of national prosperity and strength. As the 20th National Congress of the CPC emphasized: science and technology are the first productive force, talents are the first resource, innovation is the first driving force; we adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, and promote the construction of a healthy China; the protection of people's health is a priority in the development of the strategic position. This sets the direction for China's cryobiomedical research in the new era: As a pioneering field of human medical research, cryomedicine must resolutely face the world's scientific and technological frontiers, keep people's lives and health in mind, and accelerate the achievement of a high level of self-care and self-improvement.

The International Cryobiomedical Research System has a vision to serve the health of all humanity.  It will become a vigorous force for scientific and technological innovation in the field of medical and health care, actively shoulder the historical mission of promoting the development of human health, and create the brilliance of the times belonging to cryomedicine!

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