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Breakthrough in Human Freezing Practice: Frozen Rabbit Brain Restored Successfully

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Every neuron and prominence seems to be kept intact in the brain. said Kenneth Hayworth, president of the Brain Protection Foundation. 

By Brooks Hays | Feb. 10, 2016 at 10:10 AM 

February 10, 2016 Source: United International Social Science News.com Translator: Mico 

Fontana, Calif., February 10 - A team of scientists called 21st Century Medicine has successfully frozen a rabbit brain at a Californian research facility and recovered it. 

The feat recently won the Small Mammal Brain Protection Award from the Brain Preservation Foundation. 

This is a near-perfect achievement, which suggests that it is possible to preserve the complete structure of mammalian brain organs for a long time. Foundation officials wrote in a press release. 

The team used a newly invented technique called the aldehyde-stabilized freezing process. The process involved injecting glutaraldehyde into the brain, then injecting it with 65% ethylene glycol to stabilize and protect brain structures, then freezing the rabbit brain to -211 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The difficulty of cryopreservation is that it does not completely protect and preserve the brain's synaptic circuitry, the fragile, critical parts of the nerve that can be memorized and learned, as well as the key part of decoding a person's identity. However, recent success has shown that this method is feasible. 

Every neuron and prominence seems to be kept intact in the brain. said Kenneth Hayworth, president of the Brain Preservation Foundation. Surprisingly, when this brain is vitrified and becomes very strong, the brain in my hand is the same as the original. This can be different from previous human freezing. " 

The same team, using ASC (a stable cryopreservation technique with acetaldehyde), used pig brains that were much larger and closer to human brains and were awaiting the results. 

The team's success in rabbit brains is detailed in a new paper published in Cryobiology. 

Original address: http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2016/02/10/Cryonics-breakthrough-Frozen-rabbit-brain-successfully-returned/3361455113751? bootPostID=03cb03cd8c9ac111ed62233f7efe4856 

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