Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute completed China’s first human body cryopreservation

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In most people's minds, human cryopreservation is both mysterious and unfamiliar. In 2015, news that a female writer from Chongqing had her brain frozen at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Alcor) in the United States attracted great attention. This was also the first case of cryopreservation of human brains in China. Now, it is funded by the Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Charity Foundation. China's first whole-body cryopreservation surgery funded by the Society was successfully completed by Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute, marking China becoming the third country in the world to achieve human cryopreservation after the United States and Russia.



Staff pay tribute to volunteers who participated in China's first human cryopreservation case


On August 13, after being invited by some media such as Science and Technology Daily, China News Network, Ifeng.com and Red Star News, China's first human cryopreservation media meeting was held at Yinfeng Biological Group, the sponsor of the Yinfeng Life Science Charity Foundation in Shandong Province. More than a dozen mainstream media in Shandong Province, including Dazhong.com, Life Daily, Qilu Evening News, Jinan Times, Xinhuanet, Yidian News, Toutiao, China Shandong Net, Luwang, Sina Shandong, Phoenix Net, etc., took the initiative to participate in the meeting. Yinfeng Biotech Group Chairman Sheng Dewei, Acting President Pang Yong, and medical experts involved in this cryopreservation surgery: Sun Wenyu, Director of the Cardiac Surgery Department of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Lei Weifu, an anesthesia expert and director of the comfort ward, Clinical Response of Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute Expert Aaron Drake attended the meeting.




Human cryopreservation refers to preserving the human body in a low-temperature environment of more than minus 190 degrees Celsius, in anticipation of future technological development and the realization of "resurrection from the dead." At the media conference, Aaron Drake said: Some people think that although today’s medical technology cannot cure their terminal illnesses, relying on current preservation technology to preserve the body, perhaps in the future medical technology will develop to a certain extent. Degree can be cured. For example, 100 years ago, if someone suffered heart damage, we could only watch him die; but today, people can recover through surgery after a heart attack. So we can also imagine that cancer will be cured in the future. The cryopreservation of human bodies has become a way for people to wait until a cure for cancer appears.

It is understood that the person who applied for cryopreservation of human body was a 49-year-old woman named Zhan who suffered from lung cancer. During her lifetime, she was a charity-loving and caring volunteer in Quancheng. She expressed her wish to donate her body for scientific research to her family many times. During her treatment in the comfort ward, her family completed the body donation registration procedures on her behalf and participated in this great and loving life extension research plan: cryogenically preserving herself in the hope of miracles in future medical technology. At 4:01 a.m. on May 8, 2017, the 49-year-old Ms. Zhan stopped her heartbeat and breathing in the hospital bed, and the cryopreservation surgery officially began. On the evening of May 10, Ms. Zhan’s body was successfully transferred to a special liquid nitrogen container filled with liquid nitrogen that could be stably maintained at minus 196°C, and the operation was successfully completed. The completion of this operation is not only the realization of her wish to dedicate great love, but also leaves a hope for her family.




Since its establishment with the approval of the Shandong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, the Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Charity Foundation has long-term funded the Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Research Institute to carry out research in the field of cryogenic medicine such as cryopreservation, resuscitation and organ function maintenance of various tissues, organs and human bodies. It has established a team of experts including international cryogenic biology experts, cryogenic medicine and clinical medicine, and has successfully achieved cryopreservation, recovery and clinical application of a variety of human cells, including valves, skin, severed fingers (toes) and ovarian tissue. We have also achieved breakthrough research results in the cryopreservation and recovery of individual large-sized organs. At the same time, it has funded expert teams to conduct inspections and exchanges at human cryopreservation research institutions such as the Alcor Life Extension Foundation (Alcor), the Human Preservation Institute (CI) in the United States, and KrioRus in Russia, combining the current domestic and foreign cryogenic surgery, cryogenic medicine The latest technology and years of cell tissue preservation experience, as well as repeated demonstrations and multiple experiments by a team of clinical experts and cryogenic medicine experts, have led to the formulation of a technical plan for human cryopreservation research over several years.

The successful completion of this human cryopreservation surgery is a breakthrough in biomedical technology. However, for the Shandong Yinfeng Life Sciences Charity Foundation, only by strengthening cooperation with other public welfare organizations and medical institutions and raising more funds to fund research in the field of life sciences can we better ensure the smooth implementation of human cryopreservation. convoy.

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