The world's first international cryogenic biomedical research system was officially launched - Yinfeng Cryo opens a new era of international cryogenic medicine exploration

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On December 16, 2022, the "world's first international low-temperature biomedical research system" was officially launched. Once the news was released, it attracted the attention of many parties, including China Daily, Jinan Daily, Qilu Evening News, Qilu One Point Client Headline Channel, Today's Toutiao, Tencent News, NetEase News, Baidu News, Sina News and other mainstream media rushed to report on it.

Among them, "China Daily" is an important window for China to understand the world and the world to understand China. It is the first choice of Chinese English media for professionals at home and abroad. It is also a Chinese newspaper that has entered the international mainstream society and has the highest reprint rate by foreign media.




The development of medicine is related to the life and health of all mankind. In the field of cutting-edge medical research, cryogenic medicine has attracted much attention due to its fruitful clinical application results and strong development momentum. In December 2022, the world's first international cryogenic biomedical research system was officially launched. The system was organized and established by the Yinfeng Cryomedicine Research Center as the system's scientific research results sharing platform and academic exchange guidance platform - Yinfeng Cryomedicine Second The expert committee was simultaneously announced to be established.




The international cryogenic biomedical research system is organized and initiated by the Yinfeng Cryomedical Research Center and is jointly established by domestic and international cryogenic biomedical research scholars and scientific research institutions. The system includes 11 major scientific research projects and 30 subdivided projects, including cryopreservation principles, cryopreservation technology, cryopreservation methods, cryopreservation materials, cryopreservation applications, and cryogenic medicine, covering the current key areas and development of global cryogenic medicine research. direction, and jointly promote the development of cryogenic medicine in a systematic and collaborative manner.

Guided by the system and cultivated by the platform, the second Yinfeng Cryomedicine Expert Committee aims to build an information sharing platform for the international cryogenic biomedical research system. The expert committee is composed of 22 international and domestic experts and scholars from cryogenic biomedicine, cryopreservation of human tissues and organs, clinical scientific research, biomaterials, medical ethics, law, engineering, journalism and communication and other related fields. Starting from 2023, the second expert committee of Yinfeng Cryomedicine will organize the preparation of the "International Cryobiomedicine Research System White Paper" to comprehensively elaborate on the development background, system composition, current results and future research and development directions of cryogenic biomedicine, and provide a basis for international cryogenic medicine. Contribute to China’s development.

Hypothermia medicine is an emerging interdisciplinary discipline that has gradually formed in recent decades. It integrates life sciences, modern medicine and cryogenic technology, hoping to cure human diseases and protect human health through cryogenic technology. After continuous efforts, cryogenic medicine has now been able to achieve the cryopreservation and recovery of human germ cells, stem cells, umbilical cord blood, ovarian tissue, testicular tissue, embryos and other human cells, tissues and organs, and has been widely used in clinical practice, helping thousands of people The patient regains his health. As a result, cryogenic medicine has become one of the rapidly developing, anticipated and remarkable disciplines in the field of life sciences.

The rapid development of cryogenic medicine relies on a strong scientific research team. The Yinfeng Cryomedicine Research Center, which promotes the establishment of an international cryogenic biomedical research system, is affiliated with Yinfeng Biological Group. Currently, Yinfeng Biological Group operates 14 national, provincial and municipal stem cell banks and genetic resource banks, with more than 800,000 cryopreserved stem cells and a total cell storage capacity of more than 5 million. And has mastered the cryopreservation and recovery technology of various human tissues and organs, including ovarian tissue, skin, severed fingers (toes), valves, blood vessels, etc.

The international cryogenic biomedical research system organized and led by the Yinfeng cryogenic medicine team will build an academic exchange and achievement sharing platform for global cryogenic biomedical research teams, integrate international and domestic scientific research academic forces in multiple fields, and build a systematic cryogenic medical research system. Jointly promote the development of cryogenic medicine research and let global cryogenic medicine researchers gather into a powerful force of organic synergy.

People's health is an important symbol of national prosperity and national strength. As the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized: adhere to science and technology as the primary productive force, talent as the primary resource, and innovation as the primary driving force, adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, promote the construction of a healthy China, and put the protection of people's health in a strategic position of priority development. This further points out the direction for China's cryogenic biomedical research in the new era - as a forward-looking field of human medical research, cryogenic medicine must firmly face the world's technological frontiers, persist in facing people's lives and health, and accelerate the realization of high-level self-reliance and self-reliance.

The international low-temperature biomedical research system has the vision of benefiting the health of all mankind. It will become a vigorous force for scientific and technological innovation in the medical and health field, actively shoulder the historical mission of promoting the development of human health, and work hard to create a glorious era of cryogenic medicine!



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