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Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov and his team visited our hospital for visit and exchange

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2022-09-20 10:26


On January 11, 2021, Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of Deep Longevity Company and Hong Kong Insilico Medicine Company, and Dr. Zhou Zhou of Shanghai Office visited Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute (research unit of our foundation) for visit and exchange. Jia Chunsheng, Vice President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, accompanied the visit and exchange. 


Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, a graduate of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, has accomplished research in artificial intelligence and medicine. Deep Longevity is now pushing the Deep Aging Clock project to explore the secrets of aging and longevity by studying the variable elements in people. 


At the meeting, the two sides held in-depth exchanges on the research project. Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov endorsed Yinfeng's Life Extension Plan, which will be further discussed with a view to further cooperation. 

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